Kaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump
  • Air ProKaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump

Kaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump

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Kaasaskantav elektriline rinnapump:

Kahekordne elektriline rinnapump, kaasaskantav söötmine 27 reguleeritava tugeva imemisvõimega ema mugavusele, äärmiselt vaikne mälufunktsioon, LED puutetundlik ekraani rinnapump imetava rinnamassaaži jaoks

Feeding Type

Electric Breast Pump

Production Name

Electric Breast Milk Pump



Model Number











Electric Breast Pump

Be applicable


1.【100% Safe Material】– The electric breast pumps are made of all BPA-free material so you can rest assured that the food grade medical silicone, better known as breast milk, will be 100% safe for your baby to consume. Every piece is BPA-free so no chemicals can leach into the container.
2.【3 Modes and 27 Adjustable Suction Power 】–3 modes: Massage, Stimulation and Suction modes, with 9 suction levels for each mode for choice, ,just touch the button to adjust to your prefer mode and level, makes breast pump an enjoyment, With the memory function will be remembered the mode and level which you used last time, making it more convenient for you to pump milk.
3.【Super quiet & USB Charging 】– With Ultra-Quiet Motor, the noise of motor is controlled under 50dB. won't disturb your sleeping baby or anyone , 1200mAh Li-ion battery built-in, USB charging, Lightweight and portable, you can charge it easily by power bank, computer or other device anywhere, and pump milk anywhere if you want.
4.【Anti- reflux function & LED smart touch screen】– The anti- backflow design prevents leaking and lets breast milk go directly into the bottle instead of into the tube and motor, protect milk from infection and keeps it fresh, Big LED touchable screen allows mom able to clearly see the mode and suction level of her pumping.
5.【Excellent Customer Service 】- 30 days money back Service, Please contact us first if you have any questions during use or before use. We will provide you professional technical support and customer service within 24 hours.

Why choose our Double Electric Breast Milk Pump?
1.This breast pump adopts a compact design which makes it portable and easy to carry. It prevents leaking. The Babytec breast pump adopts a closed system. The anti-backflow design lets breast milk go directly into the bottle instead of into the tube and motor. Contamination is always prevented.
2.The portable breast pump is equipped with a large LED touchable screen. You can clearly see the status of the pumping, such as which mode you have chosen, as well as the suction level. The touchable screen is sensitive to the touch, so you can easily change the setting by softly touching the simple surface buttons.

Operation Instructions

1.Press the ON/OFF button(start stimulate mode automatically)
2.Press the mode button(switch back and forth between massage, stimulation and suction)
3.Massage mode ( 9 levels)
4.Stimulation mode ( 9 levels)
5.Suction mode ( 9 levels)

Each click on the + - button, the screen will display the current level.
1.Working time of the pump is 30 minutes. Otherwise, the breast pump will shut down automatically.
2.Breast milk should not be filled over the value.
3.After 2 hours of charging, the breast pump will last about 90 minutes.

Operation Tips
1.Wash hands thoroughly and keep breast clean. Relax and sit in a comfortable chair (you can place a back cushion if necessary). And remember to put a glass of water on your side.
2.Hold breast gently. To match the trumpet of the breast pump with mom’s breast and ensure that mom’s nipples are in the center. Please choose the appropriate cup according to the size of your nipples.
3.When the white light comes on, massage mode set to work. Yellow light means stimulation mode. Blue light means suction mode.
   Touch the +- button can adjust the strength of massage mode, stimulation mode and suction mode.
   Note: You don’t need to use the maximum suction, just choose the suction that makes you feel comfortable.
4.After pumping, turn off the breast pump, and then carefully remove the breast pump from breast.
5.Unscrew the feeding bottle from the breast pump to prepare for nursing/storage. To clean the used breast pump components according to the instructions in the chapter “cleaning and disinfection”.
6. Unplug the plug of the pump motor.

Factory Advantage:

Why choose us:

1.12 years professional breast pump manufacture in China
2.Alibaba Verified Supplier
3.Strong R&D capability to offer tailoring solutions to global big players.
4.Delivery on time
5.24 hours for after sales service
6.Flexible payment way
7.Warranty Service & Safety Products 

1.12000 square feet factory in Ningbo, China
2.ISO9001/ CE/RoHS Certified
3.Online QC rooms and test labs

1. Various models to meet with different market needs;
2. Monthly output up to 30,000sets of breast pump;
3. FDA/Medical CE/CE/RoHs/REACH/FCC Certified;
4. More than various patents, stable good quality and complete after sales service;
5. High quality guaranteed by implementing online and offline QC system;
6. Exported to more than 20 countries globally.
Here you can find the most cost-effective quality products


Packaging & Deliver & Payment Term:


Selling Units

Key Button Double Breast Pump with Standard Mouth

English Package

360X280X105mm(inner package)

Processing Method


Delivery Date

Depend on the order quantity

Payment Term                                      

30%deposit before produce +70%payment before shipment

Shipping way

By express, sea, air

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